BIOSTICKS are biodegradable PAPERSTICKS of Cofermin Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Our Papersticks are produced under ISO 9000 quality controls, and any industrial quantity can be supplied in any dimension.

Papersticks from Cofermin Germany

If case of interest in a concrete offer please indicate your needed dimensions (length x diameter in mm) and the quantity (per delivery and annual).

Your contact:

Ursula Baumann for Papersticks


Mrs. Ursula Baumann

Alfredstr. 61

45130 Essen


Tel: +49-201-799 872 15

Fax: +49-201-799 872 22

E-mail: sticks(at)

Our BIOSTICKS (PAPERSTICKS) have the following characteristics:


produced from pure paper without chemicals and glue

bleached without chlorine and optical brightners

fluorescent free

from natural and renewable resources


produced in Germany under ISO9000 QM

true in dimensions and quality

taste free


without sharp ends - unbreakable – splinter free

presently the safe alternative for children (compared to plastic)


conform to the worldwide food- & health laws


best performance on all machines at highest speed

no electrostatic cling

TAILOR SIZED; standard sizes:

length: 50 mm - 360 mm

diameter: 2 mm - 5,5 mm

Since centuries, our Biosticks (biodegradable papersticks) are used as:

EU: ban on plastic sticks

The European Commission published a ban on single-use plastics including plastic sticks. This means that our Biosticks (biodegradable papersticks) are gaining highest importance as alternative.